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February is for Connection!! 

Join us for the 4th Annual Heart To Heart Women's Event  on Saturday February 10th from 10am-1pm

And don't miss the Healthy Hormones event February 27th at 7pm

As we head into a month of love, take a little time to focus inward on what your body and spirit need – rest, renewal, and likely a little TLC! This month we are focusing on creating habits that truly spark joy and peace in our spirits – from daily supplements and oils to decluttering our homes and creating calm spaces. Join us this month and beyond as we continue this whole life wellness journey!


Be your own valentine this month and show yourself some TLC with true self-care… for free! February's gifts with purchase are the perfect way to pamper yourself and also give your body what it truly needs. Whether you're needing a little resolution recovery or just looking for a relaxing night of pampering, these gifts have just what you need.

Use Deep Relief essential oil blend to soothe fatigued muscles that need a break. Create a romantic and refreshing scent with Sensation essential oil blend. Diffuse Bergamot essential oil for a luxurious, relaxing environment as you treat your skin with the amazing Charcoal Mask! This exclusive mask is made with naturally derived ingredients that support healthy skin. 
Finally, show your body some TLC from the inside and out with Detoxzyme capsules, which help maintain a healthy system overall!

PLUS get 15% off of NingXia Red! For February only, NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards Bundle (Item #4893) will be 15 percent off on loyalty orders!

Here's how it works. You order the products you use all the time - household cleaning products, shampoo and bath gel, toothpaste and mouthwash, and all your favorite oils. Each time you hit a specific tier, a free gift is added to your order!! Win win! 

Here's everything to look forward to with the February gift with purchase:

With an order of 300PV you will receive:
Retail value:  $227.63
  • DetoxZyme: DetoxyZyme is a wonderful digestive supplement that promotes nutrient absorption while also helping the body remove waste products. This blend of enzymes and essential oils promotes detoxification and cleansing, which help support normal digestive function.
  • Charcoal Mask: Made with Tahitian volcanic black sand to gently exfoliate for softer, glowing skin, activated charcoal and a blend of ethically sourced kaolin clays, this mask will lift dirt and oil, purify pores, detox skin, and help restore the appearance of an even skin tone. It is self-care skincare at its finest!
  • Bergamot essential oil, 15 mL:  Bergamot is a household staple oil for so many things! The crisp, citrusy aroma is uplifting and harmonizing, and it makes a wonderful addition to DIYs and diffuser blends. Bergamot has a woodsy, sweet, citrus aroma that is so uplifting to our moods. Bergamot helps decrease stress and is a wonderfully calming oil! 
  • Loyalty Order: Sensation essential oil blend, 5mL: Geranium, Jasmine, and Ylang ylang - oh my! This lightly sweet and floral blend of essential oils can encourage and amplify an atmosphere of love, excitement, and affection. It is the perfect oil blend for the month of love!
  • Loyalty order: Deep Relief essential oil blend, 5mL: A must-have for post-workout muscles, this pre-diluted roll-on is soothing, cooling and comforting and so easy to use! Deep Relief features Wintergreen, containing methyl salicylate, and Peppermint, containing menthol, both of which create a cooling, soothing sensation when applied to your skin. It is our absolute favorite for anything that needs relief!
With a 250PV order you will receive:
Retail value: $168.75
  • Charcoal mask
  • Bergamot essential oil, 15 mL
  • Loyalty Order: Sensation essential oil blend, 5mL
  • Loyalty order: Deep Relief essential oil blend, 5mL
WIth a 190 PV order you will receive:
Retail value: $112.17
  • Bergamot essential oil, 15 mL
  • Loyalty Order: Sensation essential oil blend, 5mL
  • Loyalty order: Deep Relief essential oil blend, 5mL
With a 100PV Loyalty Rewards order you will receive:
Retail value: $21.05
  • Loyalty order: Deep Relief essential oil blend, 5mL

If you're asking what should I order?! We have you covered! 
Create a Loyalty Rewards order with the Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home Bundle, the discounted NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards Bundle (for ALL the energy, stress, and sleep support!), and a 15mL bottle of Orange (for yummy NingXia drinks and diffusing!)  and you'll get TONS of amazing products plus… Deep Relief, Sensation, Bergamot, the Charcoal Mask, and DetoxZyme FOR FREE. PLUS you'll get at least 30 points (up to 75!) to use as product credits!
  • Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home Bundle (Thieves Household Cleaner, Dish Soap, Laundry Soap, Kitchen & Bath Scrub, Thieves Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and an amber spray bottle) – natural cleaning easy button! 
  • NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards Bundle (4 pack NingXia bottles, 30 count singles) – energy, stress, sleep, and much much more
  • Orange Essential Oil – a bright, happy citrus oil that tastes amazing, boosts your mood, and stimulates creativity.
How does it work?
Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we'd be buying anyway - toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc - from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore! Just make sure to order a minimum of 50PV to get your Loyalty Rewards! 

Gift With Purchase & Loyalty Rewards FAQs:
What is the gift with purchase? Basically the best way to order ever! You purchase products and YL sends you free ones! Each month you'll have new picks for every tier. What's a tier? Basically, the more PV (product volume) you order, the more free products you receive!
  • Order at least 50PV to earn Loyalty Reward points.
  • Order at least 100PV to qualify for free gifts 
  • Every time you increase your order volume (up to 300 PV) and qualify for a new tier, you receive free products.
Earn points on products
Not only do you receive free goodies, but if you place a 50 PV+ order each month with the Loyalty Rewards program, you'll also earn points on each purchase, which you can redeem for future products. 

Earn exclusive gifts
If all those perks weren't enough, subscribers receive a free loyalty gift as a thank you each time they reach a benchmark anniversary of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months of ordering!



If you joined us for the 14-Day Reset with NingXia Red last month, you can continue your daily red at a discounted price!!! And if you didn't do the reset with us, you can still get all the amazing benefits of NingXia at a total steal.

For February only, the NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards (Item #4893) will be 15% off on loyalty orders! That is over $320 worth of NingXia goodness for $178.50!!! And that doesn't account for the percentage back you'll get in points as well. WINNING!

This bundle includes:
  • NingXia Red, 4 count bottles
  • NingXia Red packets, 3o count
This exclusive antioxidant drink is clinically shown to increase physical energy levels, improve sleep patterns, and reduce daily stress. It's packed with powerful antioxidants to help against oxidative stress, support normal cellular function, and promote healthy energy levels. It is a daily must!!!

Add the NingXia Red Loyalty Rewards to your Loyalty order to save!


Exciting news! Discover a holistic approach to well-being with Young Living™️ health plans in partnership with Clearwater Health. Young Living®️ Brand Partners and Customers can get the best of both worlds with health plans that seamlessly blend holistic and conventional wellness.
Major and minor coverage? Check! Preventative measures such as acupuncture and chiropractic care? Check! Exclusive offerings that include Young Living®️ supplements and essential oils? Check! Also included are IV drips and complimentary virtual mental health support, all tailored to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach to your well-being.

Brand Partners can also earn Product Value (PV) when a Brand Partner signs up for a health plan! The sign-up must occur the month before coverage starts. The plans bill on the 10th of the month and your earned PV is added to your qualification levels by the 25th of the month. If a Brand Partner, Customer, or downline Brand Partner purchases the plan, then their PV will be paid to you as sales commissions to be paid the following month as normal per the Young Living Sales Compensation Plan.* See all three available health plans and their respective PV to find the right fit for your qualifications and the plans you can choose to offer to your Customers and Brand Partners.
To get a quote, learn more, or sign up, make sure you set up your free YOUNG LIVING account first.


If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading!
  • Does your home bring you joy?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your cleaning tasks and chores?
  • Do you avoid certain tasks month after month?
  • Do you want to create home rhythms that work?
  • Are you tired of having a headache after you clean?
  • Do you struggle with skin and breathing problems?
We have a solution!
Join us during the months of February and March as we nurture our homes, do simple tasks each day, and reduce the toxic load on our homes, families, and emotions. When we constantly feel that we are fighting our homes rather than nurturing them, it takes a toll on our well-being and joy. 

Here's exactly what to expect:
  • A Facebook community full of encouraging, real people who have imperfect homes and want to make them better.
  • Daily cleaning/organizing tasks that are bite-sized and designed to help you "catch up" on those things that keep being pushed to the bottom of your overwhelming list of to-dos.
  • Live videos with real stories of people who have found mental and physical healing through small, consistent changes in their lives.
  • A daily educational post that just might blow your mind as we learn about the home, our health, and the products we use daily.
This will be simple, charged with encouragement, and you will find yourself exhaling in relief as we break it all down and cheer you on while you do it!

Learn more in the ‘Join us for Your Clean Home Solution' resource linked below!


Cultivate a happy, healthy home with this curated kit of green home favorites! These products are some of our most used and are such a huge jump start on a low-tox home. This is your easy button when it comes to all natural, plant-based cleaning.

Happy, Healthy Home Kit at a Glance
  • A curated kit of natural home favorites
  • Makes it so simple to leave harsh chemicals behind
  • Products are versatile and easy to use
  • Contains everything you need to clean your entire space
  • Products are infused with Thieves essential oil blend - a cleaning must have!
  • Includes full size bottles of Lemon and Thieves essential oils
The Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home Kit features some of our most loved and most used Thieves products! The Thieves essential oil blend is infused into the cleaner, scrub, dish soap, and laundry soap because it is our go-to when it comes to kicking the ick to the curb. This kit is your one-stop shop for  green cleaning!

The Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home Kit includes:
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Thieves Dish Soap
  • Thieves Laundry Soap
  • Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub
  • 15 mL Lemon Essential Oil
  • 15mL Thieves Essential Oil Blend
Read more about this kit and find TONS of ways to use it in the ‘Make a Shift: Happy, Healthy Home Kit Spotlight'!


This fun collection of rom com inspired diffuser blends include some of our favorite oils for love and connection - Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lavender, Idaho Blue Spruce and Vanilla to name a few. Try one of these fun blends while watching your favorite romantic comedy! 

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
4 drops Lavender + 3 drops Bergamot + 3 drops Tangerine + 2 drops Vanilla 

The Proposal
4 drops Grapefruit + 4 drops Jade Lemon + 3 drops Clove

Sleepless in Seattle
4 drops Valor + 4 drops Lime + 3 drops Stress Away 

You've Got Mail
4 drops Citrus Fresh + 4 drops Ylang ylang + 3 drops Lavender 

The Notebook
4 drops Idaho Blue Spruce + 2 drops Geranium + 2 drops Grapefruit + 1 drop Davana 

When Harry Met Sally
4 drops Joy + 3 drops Peace and Calming + 3 drops Orange 

While You Were Sleeping
3 drops Rosemary + 3 drops Orange + 2 drops Grapefruit + 2 drops Frankincense + 1 drop Eucalyptus 

4 drops Jasmine + 4 drops Tangerine + 2 drops Cinnamon Bark 

No matter which you choose, you will love these blends!


Did you know that you can share your love of Young Living with your friends and family and get 25% back in product credits?! Or you could upgrade to a Brand Partner, make commissions, and win some fun prizes!! 

If you're a Customer, be sure to share your favorite products with your friends and family using your Young Living personal referral link. When they use the link to place a 50+ PV (point value) first-time order, have them use the code SHAREYL at checkout to get 10 percent off. Plus, you'll earn 25 percent of their order's PV in product credits for use in your future orders! 

If you're a Brand Partner (or buy a Business Essentials Kit for $1 to become one!!), share your faves using your Young Living personal referral link or wishlist link. Remember to give your new Customer or Brand Partner enrollee the SHAREYL code to use at checkout when they place a 50+ PV first-time order so they can save 10 percent. As a Brand Partner, you'll earn 50 percent in Fast Start Bonuses on all PV purchases your new Customer or Brand Partner enrollee makes in their first month. 

Log into your YL account. Click the menu. Click ‘SHAREYL' Copy/paste that referral link and share it with your friends/family!



If you are a Young Living Loyalty Rewards subscriber in my group, you are already qualified!  Just click the link below to request your scan now.

If you aren't ordering with the Loyalty Rewards program yet, you can still get a free scan to see what it's all about and help build your first order.  

All of the details of this email are available in the member group, as well as lessons for learning at your own pace.  It's a wonderful interactive forum where you can ask questions, share your experiences and recipes, and gather information.  
(Young Living account must be currently active with my group for access)

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