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Here's what we will cover in the Bootcamp:

  • Why should you do vendor events?

  • What do you need to do a vendor event? (Including a cheat sheet to help you budget and make your display look amazing for as little $$ as possible)

  • How to find vendor events (Little known resources - even for those that don't do social media)

  • Preparing for the event  (Including a Checklist to make sure you are totally prepared)

  • Setting up a landing page to capture contact information

  • Setting up campaigns that start the conversation right away

  • What to say to people at the event (Scripts, Stories, and Sequencing for success)

  • What to do after the event is over (follow up!)

  • Setting up events on your website, challenges, etc for follow up opportunities

  • What to do with people who got started with a starter bundle or created an account (With a made-for-you campaign bundle so you don't miss a thing)

  • Using automation and campaigns to onboard your new members and help them get started successfully

  • Bonus Tips + Q&A
  • Long-term follow up strategies



As an empath, and a naturally reserved personality type, I'll share the tips and tricks I use to feel my best so that you can succeed in life, even as an introvert or empath.  You'll also discover how this is your natural superpower and how to use it for good.

You'll also get:

Some really Great stuff

  • This thing.  ($100 Value)

  • That thing.  ($300 Value)

  • Another thing I built.  ($400 Value)

  • This bonus book.   ($10 Value)

  • This PDF.  ($10 Value)

  • Another bonus.   ($10 Value)

  • Another bonus.   ($10 Value)

  • More bonuses!  ($10 Value)

  • Coupon codes

  • Graphic design thing.  ($10 Value)

  • Extra bonus

  • But wait, there's more!  ($10 Value)

  • Shopping lists

  • Guides

Check out these RESULTS!

"I had a Vendor Event this past Saturday. Thanks to the things I implemented so far, that I've learned from Jill, I had 2 sign ups and 11 new contacts to follow up with! It's totally changed everything for me. Since doing this Market, one Saturday a month since May, I only had 1 sign up last month and it was someone that I already knew, so not a stranger, like the 2 this Saturday. 
Thank you Jill!"

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You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the content

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Whether you missed a live session, or you want to revisit a topic after you've done some work, you'll get all the training, zoom recordings, files, and community access for life.

The value for all of this 
is easily worth over $1,000

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