My Favorites

Not just drinking water!  We absorb as much H20 bathing as we drink each day.  This water energizes and mineralizes your body, and the toxic endocrine disruptors, chlorine, plastics, fluoride, and more are removed.
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I've actually broken more juicers than I care to admit.  Not all juicers on the market offer replacement parts.  This one works better, but they also back it with a great warranty, service, and replacement parts.  And it stands up to the beet-ing I give it!

Fruit pigmented, clean ingredients your skin and your hormones will thank you for.  My favorites are the lengthening mascara, the long last liquid eyeliner, and the fruit pigmented powder.

Vibration training is the most efficient way to transform your fitness.  Providing lymphatic detox, improved blood flow, and 3x times more muscle stimulation for faster results.  Expect to see more fat loss, cellulite diminish, energy levels increase, stronger bones, and so much more!
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Single origin, mycotoxin free, 100% chemical free, non-GMO, organic, shade grown, fair trade.  My favorite is the Midnight Roast (dark roast has less caffeine).  Hubby prefers the Light Roast.
The healthiest coffee on the planet.
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Save money with bulk nutritional supplements.  Great for making your own capsules, tinctures, or smoothie add-ins.  Clean, pure ingredients.
I love the DIM and Vitex for hormone balance.

Take control of your own health!  Requesting labs from your doctor can be time consuming and expensive.  Most labs can be ordered directly and results sent privately to you.   Hormone, thyroid, vitamins and minerals, & more.

We live 1/3 of our life on a mattress.
Most of them are loaded with harmful hormone disruptors, and sprayed with pesticides to kill bed bugs.  They off-gas toxic chemicals for years.  Rest easy on a toxin-free, organic, super-comfy mattress.

Un-leash your diffuser.  Battery-powered base allows your diffuser to go where you go.  Place it on your kitchen island with no cord in the way, take it to the patio, or bring by the tub for a relaxing soak.
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