Step 1 
I made you a cheat sheet you'll want to have to take notes on when we talk.  You can print it out below.  
(If for some reason you can't print it before our call, bring a pen and paper, and be ready to take notes - you can always plug your notes into the cheat sheet later.)

Step 2
Download the Attractwell App to your phone - our private members area is in there.  On the call, we will make sure you have access to it and I'll walk you through what's there for you.

Step 3
Next, download the Lifesteps App to your phone and take the Wellness Assessment.  It's for your personal information, but I'm also happy to talk through results if you would like.  

Step 4
And lastly, download the ZytoLink App to your phone so that you can be ready to get your biofeedback scan when we get on the call together.  

That's it!  See you on the call soon!