One of my favorite things about Young Living is how amazingly generous they are.  

One of the ways they like to reward us is through the Loyalty Rewards program.  When we order monthly using Loyalty Rewards, they put money in our rewards account to use on future purchases.  The percentage you earn grows the longer you are on Loyalty Rewards too.  

Plus they give us free gifts - starting at the second month with a free Diffuser, and then more gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12. 

AND they give you even more gifts with purchase depending on the size of your order.  Those gifts with purchase can be as much as $175-$200 worth of amazing wellness products each month.  I've taken advantage of this program, and discovered so many favorite things that have transformed my health this way.

(Loyalty Rewards doesn't cost you anything extra - it's like using amazon subscribe and save only better!)

What should get?
Like you, my very first order was the Premium Starter Bundle, and my next order on Loyalty Rewards was the Thieves Loyalty Bundle.  This is still my top recommendation.  Because swapping out my household cleaners,  and laundry detergent had such a profound impact on how I felt every day.  I used to suffer with daily headaches, and when I took out the toxic chemicals and replaced them with Thieves, not only did it make cleaning easier, save us money and time, but I stopped getting headaches! 

After that, I ordered the Ningxia Red Loyalty Rewards bundle.  It’s the best savings on Ningxia Red, and we order it regularly to support our family’s wellness!  There's a smaller bundle that I love as well called the Wellness Essentials Kit This is a great option for one person to use NingXia Red on a daily basis.  

This is what I recommend for your first few months orders.  If you can do more than one bundle at once, you'll see even faster results to your wellness goals, plus you'll be getting even more bang for your buck with the Loyalty rewards points you earn for your orders, and the gifts with purchase Young Living gives each month.   

Here's how to get started with Loyalty Rewards:

  1. Set up your login information.  Go to  

  2. Choose United States, and then Click Sign In in the upper right corner.  (or just click here

  3. After that, you'll click on My Account in the upper right corner, and choose Loyalty Order from the top of the list.  From there, just follow the prompts.

  4. Make sure your payment information is up to date, confirm the processing date, and you are all set!