Have you ever just felt so OVER making decisions? Or just flat out incapable of making yet another one? 

What to have for dinner? Attend or stay home? 
Have that hard conversation with someone or to wait on it? 
Heck, even to read this message or ignore it? 

I’ve put some notes together on Outsmarting Decision Fatigue & incorporating our favorite Young Living wellness products.  
It may be just the thing you or a loved one needs if the issue of decision fatigue resonates with you. 
What is decision fatigue?

Wikipedia says that decision fatigue is a deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. It may lead to poor choices with purchases and is now understood as one of the causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making. It can lead to altered cognitive functioning and the lack of physiological endurance and self-control.  You can see more here… 

Wow- this is a real issue that affects many of us! 

Some fellow Young Living community members were discussing this issue online & sharing some ideas of what natural wellness ideas could help support those with this issue. This conversation got me thinking that this is a topic worth collecting some notes on and sharing with others- so here we are! 

James Clear, NY Times #1 Best Selling Author of Atomic Habits, offers 5 ways to overcome Decision Fatigue.

I invite you to view more here: https://jamesclear.com/willpower-decision-fatigue

In a nutshell, these are the tips James suggests 

  1. Plan daily decisions the night before
  2. Do the most important thing first
  3. Stop making decisions. Start making commitments 
  4. If you have to make good decisions later in the day, then eat something first. 
  5. Simplify 
 I put together a graphic of YL products that I think best suit each of these 5 tips from James.

 Try using these oils topically daily if you suffer from decision fatigue and let me know your experience if you get the chance!

If you’re unfamiliar with the emotional reset technique using essential oils and are dealing with decision fatigue, I thought this would be a great time to share it with you! 

It can be very powerful for resetting yourself during daily emotional hurdles or while dealing with decision fatigue. 

All you need is YL Lavender, Frankincense, and Stress Away. This protocol was founded by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, and he’s written an entire book on it.

But this graphic shows the “quick emotional reset”. There are tons of amazing testimonies of emotional benefits from this protocol- it’s amazing!  Let me know if you try it! 

Lastly, I’ll ask you this question...

 Have you ever felt just so depleted? Not much gusto or motivation to start fresh? 

After having gone through many seasons where I dealt with fatigue and/or decision fatigue specifically, I have found it true that we need to REPLENISH after being drained. Especially if it’s been chronic.

The essential oils I shared will help so much with emotions and mindset, but our physical bodies need help, too. Here are a few of my favorite YL products for replenishment: 

→ Multigreens/Ningxia Greens: superfoods and blood heath
→ Vitality Drops: electrolytes & hydration 
→ Life 9: probiotics, gut & brain health
→ Ningxia Red: antioxidants and blood sugar support
→ Mineral Essence: mineral replenishment 

I hope these tips help support you in your wellness journey. 
Please feel free to share with someone who may need support in his or her season of life or refer them my way for resources! 
Thank you for allowing me to share these with you!