Hey, pst! Have you ever wondered which Young Living supplements you could add to your box for kicking life up a notch?! 

Because I have many many times before! Life ebbs and flows. Adding in new and varying support for our body is just a necessity, if you ask me! Here are some of my notes below. I hope this is helpful for you! 

The first supplement I want to share is Multigreens. I feel like this is a really great one for just about everyone because so few of us actually get the greens and nutrients that our bodies need to fully function. It’s a blend of basic and high-quality greens, essential oils, and amino acids, aimed at giving many of your body systems a boost.

Fun fact: Clinical experience showed that before essential oils were added to the MultiGreens formula, there was 42% blood absorption in 24 hours. After adding the oils to the formula, that rose to 64% in 30 minutes and 86% in 1 hour. Finally the cells received the nutrients they had previously not been able to assimilate! (Source: Essential Oil Desk Reference)

For those that use Sulfurzyme regularly, they almost always report back that they love how much more vibrant they feel. 

There are certain ingredients that tend to get overlooked in the health space, and MSM is one of those. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a special organic sulfur that is necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails, and liver health. It can equalize water pressure in the cells (amazing if you have concerns about fighting inflammation). 

The added Ningxia wolfberries help to add antioxidants, as well as enhancing the proper assimilation and metabolism for sulfur (which we all need for our bodies to function).

Essentialzymes- 4
In an ideal world, our raw, uncooked food would provide the enzymes that we need for proper digestion and absorption. Unfortunately, because we are not in an ideal world (and very few of us have a fully raw diet), we need some help. That’s where enzyme supplementation comes in.

Two things happen when we supplement with enzymes: 1. The body can extract the nutritional value from our food, and 2. The body doesn’t have to try to make as many digestive enzymes itself, which means it has more room to work on metabolic enzymes (let’s hear it for a good metabolism and detox system!).

There are a few types of enzymes in the YL catalog. This is a favorite because of the time release capsules. But there may be other options that are better for you- let me know if you want to hear more about other enzyme options!

Super B
 I tried to limit my list for you to 3 amazing supplements, but I just had to add in this extra supplement. Because vitamin B = energy! There are many different kinds of B vitamins, and the great thing about Super B is that it has them all (and they come from a natural source, which you can’t say about all brands). 

Vitamin B is known as the energy vitamin (puts the “super” in Super B). But it is also really big during times of stress, because that’s when B can be depleted.

FUN FACT: You may see Folic Acid and Folate described as the same thing. They’re not!!  Make sure to look for “folate,” as that’s the natural version, and most of us have trouble actually breaking down folic acid (the synthetic form).

Thanks for reading & for investing in yourself!