There is a lot of science behind natural wellness options.
And scripture backs it up in surprising ways.

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I was SICK for years...
I struggled every single day from morning to night with excruciating headaches.  I needed 2-3 hour naps each day just to make it through till dinner.  I was constantly snapping at my family.  I was miserable, and making everyone around me miserable too.  

When I finally solved the headaches, I started suffering with acne and hormone issues that kept me hiding my self from the world, and worse - prevented us from having more children.  I wore makeup all the time - even to the gym.  I couldn't think of eating dairy without a new breakout starting.  My cycles were either nonexistent or continuous and heavy. 

Then, I finally sorted out some of the hormone stuff - enough to have another baby! - but felt powerless against the weight gain, and the massive physical burden and body pain that came with it.   My hips, knees, and ankles hurt constantly.  I even developed a hump in my neck.

I spent thousands of dollars on products and supplements, invested countless hours, read book after book, joined online groups, went to workshops.

But what I've come to discover is that true health and healing requires an approach that unites the spiritual, mental, physical, relational, AND emotional.  

It's anchored in the truth of Scripture, and scientifically validated (through the actual scientific method though - not manipulated studies funded by biased organizations).  

I've also realized that the person capable of healing you is not a doctor, practitioner, shaman, priest, or guru.   The only one that can heal you is YOU in collaboration with your Creator.

My job is to remind you of what that looks like and guide you in your own collaborative healing journey.

What You Will (and Won't) Find Here:

NO Diet Plan

Eating is so much more than calories and nutrients.  It's an experience that is relational, spiritual, emotional, creative, and meant to be a joy and a blessing.

NO Workout Regimen

Move your body for the fun of it.  For the challenge of it.  Because it FEELS good.  

Mindset Shifts

We all adopt beliefs from our experiences and environment that aren't helping our health.  But we have the ability to delete these old patterns, and adopt new beliefs that support us in our goals.

Scriptural Truths 

The Scriptures are filled with keys to health and longevity.  This will cover some of the basics.  
Ready to stop surviving and finally live the life you were meant for?

I’m Not Selling You a Get-Everything-You-Want Quick Scheme.

You’ve done every challenge, bootcamp, webinar, summit, plan and program out there anyway.  I know - me too.  But they didn’t bring lasting change.  

This is different.  Because we 
need it to be different.  We need permanent shifts that stick with us FOR LIFE.  

Shifts that happen for us with grace and ease, not just us using our limited willpower to see fleeting change for a few weeks or months.

What do we need to change?  

  • Energy - more of it, and not the caffeinated jittery high kind.  The kind that gets you moving in the morning and motivated to be productive all day.
  • Physique - lean, strong, and fit.  It’s not about a number on the scale.  It’s strong, flexible muscles that DO things.  It’s a body that works AND looks good doing it!
  • Mood - nobody needs to feel giddy all the time, but irritable and impatient could definitely be dialed back - a lot.  Being able to more readily embrace peace and joy is a must.
  • A body that works well - actually, your body already works well… even when it feels like it doesn’t.  So really it’s a body that works like a well-oiled machine.   That includes things like gorgeous hair, skin, and nails.  Award-winning digestion.  Great chemistry.  Joints, bones, muscles and nerves that work together like clockwork.  You get the idea.

Hey there! I'm SO glad you found me!
I'm Jill. I help driven, soul-centered people like you regain confidence and energy so you can live the vibrant life you were meant to live.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For most of my life, I felt crippled inside my own body.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic and “crunchy” habits, I was still struggling to get off the sidelines and participate in my own life…
Deep (and not so deep) Thoughts...
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