You may have heard the term "structured water" being thrown around.

So what exactly is structured water, and why is it important?

Structured water refers to the way that water molecules are arranged in a geometric pattern that results in clustering. These clusters are thought to have a strong energetic charge, which can positively influence the body's cells and improve hydration.

One of the ways that structured water can be created is through the use of minerals or other substances that have a high vibrational frequency. This process, can be achieved through a variety of methods, just as it would in nature.  Some of these include vortexing (like the rapids in a river or stream), light (energy from the sun), sound frequencies to create a higher quality of water, even a positive word on a container has been seen to change the structure of water.  

What I find interesting is that our body chooses to use this same structure within the various systems.

A beating heart has a structure that moves the blood in a spiral pattern, creating a vortex.  It is hypothesized by many within the medical field that a change in the spiraling effect is responsible at least in part for imbalances in blood pressure.  

The muscle contractions of exercise provide the vortexing effect within our lymphatic fluid, and a similar pattern is used within the peristaltic action of our digestive system as well.  Even the mechanisms involved in childbirth utilize this same structure.  It has also been demonstrated that our nervous system follows this same pattern. 
Since we are composed of 55%-60% water, wouldn't it make sense if the water we are exposed to supported this natural mechanism that our bodies thrive on?   When we are drinking and bathing in water that has been “structured” , we can experience an increase in energy and detoxification.  

So how do you get this benefit if you don’t live in a place where you can drink and bathe in the unpolluted stream in your backyard every day?  

A simple way to  improve the structure of water in the home is to use a vortex movement, which can be created through physical movement or certain types of water filtration systems. This movement creates a spiraling flow of water, which can increase its energetic charge and make it more bioavailable and hydrating to the body's cells.

This can have a range of benefits, including improved hydration, increased energy levels, and a more balanced body chemistry, which can in turn support overall wellbeing and vitality.


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