This one might be hard to read for you.

I gotta be honest, that makes it really hard for me to write it.  But it’s got to be said.  

You stink.  And it’s killing me.  

No, it’s not body odor.  I would much prefer your natural odor.  

Listen, I want to be friends with you.  I really want to get to know you.  I’d love to spend time with you.  That’s why I’m writing this. 

But then there’s the smell.  And I really just can’t get past it.  It actually makes me physically ill.  Gives me an awful headache.  I get irritable and moody.  My skin feels like it's crawling.  Instead of engaging in meaningful conversation with you, or just enjoying your company, I’m quite literally plotting a way to escape.  

It’s your laundry detergent.  Or the sprinkles they sell so your clothes smell “fresh” for weeks or months or decades.  Or the dryer sheets.  Or the stuff you sprayed on them so they wouldn’t be wrinkly anymore cause just like me, folding clothes is the bain of your existence.  Maybe it’s all of them. 

I know you used these things to be more attractive to other people - that the scent of ocean breeze, or winter jasmine, or tooty fruity would be a pleasant experience for them (and for you).  

You’re probably wondering why it’s ok for me to have all these smelly oily things on me all the time, but you can’t have the fabric refresher, laundry detergent, scent boosters, and fabric softeners you find in the grocery aisle.  

Hopefully I can bring some clarity.  Those companiesput fragrance in their products that doesn’t come from nature.  Their fragrance is made in a lab.  It’s like a Frankenstein scent.  The chemicals in those scents (and many of the other chemicals they put in their products too) are terrorizing the cells in both of our bodies.  And when I say terrorizing, I mean they are destroying cells, mutating them, hijacking them, and causing inflammation.  

I don’t know exactly why you don’t notice the effects of this chemical war happening in your body the way I do.  I’ve learned that it’s probably at least partially genetic.  I most likely got it from my dad - he could never walk through the fragrance section of the department stores.  I’ve also learned that some people don’t deal with these chemical terrorists as well as others.  Our bodies don’t detox them as well.  

I’ve also learned that there are actually a whole lot of us.  Our symptoms might look different from each other but it’s all the same cause.  Some get headaches or migraines like me.  Others have digestive issues.  Some gain weight and for the life of them, can’t seem to take it off.  Others struggle to keep weight on.  Some can’t focus, or they get a little hyperactive.  Some end up with cardiovascular issues, or nerve pain, or fatigue, or allergies, or kidney failure, or even cancer.  

Most people don’t even know that their clothes are contributing to their health issues.

That’s why I’m here.  Bringing this up.  Telling you the truth.   For some of us, it’s life and death.  

Want to know our laundry routine?  I teach you how to do cheap, wrinkle free, easy laundry that even kids can manage.  


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