Yesterday morning I went for a walk.  

My kids were at camp for the morning, and I had some much needed "mom" time.   Pure bliss, right?  Not quite...

About halfway through the walk I started feeling crazy anxious. 

Like I was not where I needed to be, and that I should be doing something different.  I knew in my head that I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment, but I couldn't seem to shake that feeling.  I turned around and started heading back to my car, taking deep breaths, calming breaths and trying to relax the whole way.  About halfway back to the car, I started to cry...  it was a beautiful day, I should be enjoying this time by myself in a beautiful park, and the exercise I was getting...  but I couldn't.  I was frustrated at myself for feeling that way, which wasn't helping to make matters any better.  

Emotions are a very interesting thing.   

We come out of the womb with the ability to express emotions (and quite well, I might add) in order to have our physical and emotional needs met.  Somewhere along the way, because of life experiences, those abilities to connect and have our needs filled in a healthy way... well it gets a bit more complicated.  You've seen the movie Inside Out right?  

So emotions... they don't function based on logic alone.   

Actually, they are controlled by the limbic lobe of the brain, a tiny little part right in the very center... right by your olfactory nerve (nasal passage).   That limbic lobe actually is the control center for everything - decision making,  memory, learning, social skills, and more.  Want to learn more?  Check this out:

So back to my walk...  

When I finally made it back to my car, I took out my bottle of Stress away and put a drop on my wrists and one over my heart.  Ahh!!! Sweet relief!!!  And it what INSTANT!  Isn't that crazy?!

Today I went again and loaded up with these two oils - Stress Away and Valor - BEFORE I headed out on my walk.  I did TWO laps (about 5ish miles) and enjoyed every minute of it!   The sunshine, the trees, the birds, the smiles of the other walkers, the dogs who needed a pat on the head, the "mom" time....  It was exactly how it should have been.  

As I was walking, and feeling grateful for a simple solution that allowed me to get some exercise without feeling awful, I start to  think...  maybe you know someone who would benefit from hearing my story.  If so, would you share it with them?  <3


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